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We hope Belgium rejoins World Golfers!

This page is to show how a Belgian page may look. Below are some samples of golf courses and potential sponsors!

Hopefully Belgium will join with a really strong team soon!

Bom Sucesso Golf Course
Brussels, Capital of Belgium, Heart of Europe

2006 National Team


Flight 0-5: Christopher Mivis
Flight 6-10: Guido Grieten
Flight 11-15: Ann Verheyen
Flight 16-20: Wim Lodewijckx
Flight 21-25: Ivan Boeckmans
Flight 26-30: Mia Awouters

2006 Invitational Teams

Team Belgium:
Luc Lowette, Ivan Smeyers

2003 National Team

Flight 21-25: Koit Veertee

2002 Invitational Team

Golf Club de Pierpont:
Olle Odman, Jean Claude Bladt

Golf Club de Pierpont:
Annelie Berglund Odman

2000 Teams

Electrolux Belgium:
MatsOla Palm, Alvar Kihl

1998 Teams

Ryan Macaully, Xavier Malisse

1997 Invitational Team

Orvaus BV:
Jan Johansson, Orvar Pantzar

1995 Teams

K & W International NV:
Hans Karlsson, Bengt Persson

A special thanks to:

Brabantse Golf     Kampenhout Golf & Business Club

Brussels Airlines     Stella Artois

Tetra Laval     Palm Breweries

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Official language:
Dutch, French, German

10,665,867 (2008 est.)

Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy

Albert II

Prime Minister:
Herman Van Rompuy

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